By collaborating with Agency leadership, Missions, and external partners, USAID’s Development Informatics practice seeks to improve USAID’s programmatic investments in and use of information and communication technology and the data it produces. 

Data for Decision-Making

The challenges and problems faced by international development and humanitarian agencies have long been acknowledged as some of the most complex and uncertain in the world. Calls for a more responsible and flexible approach to development are coming from many different quarters. To address these calls and better understand how data can be used in the decision-making process, the Development Informatics team conducted research into real-time data for adaptive management uses and best practices.

Responsible Data Use

Digital technology and data are revolutionizing international development programs. Donors, implementing partners, and host-country governments rely increasingly on data to maximize development impacts. These exciting changes have also brought new tensions. Increased openness and transparency have made information available to a wider audience than ever before. At the same time, data sharing has reignited debates around data ownership, privacy, and informed consent. In both developed and developing countries, high-profile privacy breaches have eroded public trust in governments and private companies to keep data secure.

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About USAID's Center for Digital Development

The rapid development and adoption of digital technology are transforming industries, governments, economies, and societies. Digital ecosystems hold immense potential to help people live more free and prosperous lives. At the same time, digital transformation comes with the risk of increasing inequality, repression, and instability. Together with our partners, USAID works to end the need for foreign assistance through digitally supported programming that fosters partner countries’ self-reliance and maximizes the benefits, while managing the risks, that digital technology introduces into the lives of the communities we serve. To learn more about our work, follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter.