National Digital Economy Strategy – 2030

A dynamic Sri Lankan digital economy can drive economic competitiveness and growth, employment creation, sustainable development, and service delivery.

Sri Lanka has made significant strides in its digital capabilities between the 1980s and early 2000s but has lagged regional peers in the last decade. As part of an inclusive and resilient recovery, Sri Lanka will need to shift gears towards a new economic model including digital transformation and relevant strategic measures to help the country navigate ongoing economic challenges and take advantage of the wide-reaching benefits of digital and emerging technologies.

The focus moving forward is on developing the Sri Lankan digital ecosystem as a core component of a more-vibrant, socially inclusive, export-oriented, and green economy. The present national digital strategy will be an integral part of the country’s economic recovery and growth between now and 2030 and will be implemented in phases. In the first phase, over the next two years (until end of 2025), the emphasis will be on setting the stage through reforms and selected investments to position the country for recovery. This will require strengthening institutions to rebuild the business climate, attracting private investment, and driving service exports, whilst ensuring that inclusive and improved digital services support improved governance and accountability. Beyond 2026, the focus will shift to strategically positioning the country as a digital innovation and entrepreneurship hub in the Asia-Pacific, investing in the future of technology and jobs, and fully integrating digital technology across all of society and the economy.


Ministry of Technology

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